The weekend media report

I watched the first two (by which I mean episodes 4 and 5) Star Wars movies this weekend. Unfortunately, I was duped by the Blockbuster personnel into thinking that I was getting the new releases of the original theatrical releases of the movies (just out on DVD). I did not. I got those goofy re-releases wherein George Lucas added all sorts of digital nonsense.

Episode 4 (i.e. the first movie) was way more jacked up than Episode 5 (Empire). At least as far as I could tell. There’s all sorts of robots and critters running around in the margins of the screen. The thing that was so interesting to me (having not watched them in so long) was realizing that the tone of the movies was really established with Empire. Darth Vader isn’t nearly as menacing in A New Hope (the movie that I call Star Wars). It’s the characters of Empire that I really remember. Well, except for whiny Luke. That dude never left Tatooine in my mind. You know what I’m saying?

Anyway, I also watched some football. I was happy to see the Titans playing at least like a college team. But man, I’m tired of watching them lose. I’d root for their opponents just to feel some satisfaction in a victory but I’m not rooting for the Colts. Huckleberry Manning just rubs me the wrong way. I will however cheer for the Ravens in Monday Night Football tonight.

How ’bout them Vols?

I started reading Running With Scissors last night. I’m not far enough in to have formed an opinion on it but I’m entertained so far.