V for Vendetta

Saw V for Vendetta over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. As the credits rolled, I remembered that Alan Moore had DC take his name off the film due to some disputes that I didn’t know about til I looked them up. I’m now more interested in reading the graphic novel than I was before. (When I’d picked it up months ago, I didn’t like the artwork and put it right back down.)

There are some obvious references to the present political climate in the film. It’s interesting to see how the filmmakers depict a Western totalitarian regime with images we’ve seen elsewhere recently: mass graves (Iraq), theocracy and censorship (Iran), rampant militarism (North Korea). Perhaps the point was how close we could teeter towards these dispicable actions given a more powerful government. The film is an artful take on 1984-ish totalitarian dystopia and a timely reminder that — whether from the right or left-wing (and more likely, both) — powerful government leads to abuse.