Writer’s Bottleneck

I don’t suffer from Writer’s Block so much as what I’d call Writer’s Bottleneck — that’s when I want to write on something, hesitate and find another something to write on and so on until there are so many things I want to write about that I can’t pick one to start. One of the goals I had when I started paying real attention to my blog was to stop planning to write on things and just write on them as they came up. Instead of planning a review of a book, movie, or whatever, I’d just write down my thoughts as I had them. This is sort of the opposite of how I work on serious pieces so it’s sometimes hard to break the note-taking / thinking-about it habit. It’s easy to delay something to consider it and then get bottlenecked.

Anyway, that’s all my way of saying, I’m busting the bottleneck today. Stuff’s going to spill out.