Livin’ and Louvin

louvinbrothers_satanisrealI just received a press release about the new Charlie Louvin record (his first in more than 10 years) that was recorded with the whole Lambchop / Silver Jews / Palace Bros. gang and produced by Mark Nevers. I love the Louvin Brothers (Charlie’s group with his brother Ira). Their record Satan is Real is a true classic. Make sure to inspect the album cover. They made the “Satan” effigy themselves. Reportedly.

The press release mentioned Ira Louvin’s death in a car accident. To get the details, I went to the always reliable and well-written Wikipedia:

In Ira’s mind he was a sinner and this was reflected in his behavior and songwriting. Many of his songs were heavily influenced by his Baptist faith and warned of the evils of sin. He lived the sins he sang, he was a notorious drinker. He married four times and his third wife shot him thrice in the back after he attempted strangling her. When drinking and performing he’d smash his mandolin on stage. When not smashing his mandolin he played in a delicate style that was heavily influenced by Bill Monroe.