I created a category last week for all things Promotion-related (UPDATE: that doesn’t exist anymore), thinking that I might as well share what I’m doing to promote my novels. And, um, then I couldn’t think of anything to write about. Typical. But here’s something:

Since offering to give away Barry’s Cherries for free, I’ve had about 120 people request the novel. I’ve been emailing the MySpace friends that I spent so long adding and telling each one individually about the giveaway offer. As far as I can tell only two people have ditched me as a friend after getting my email. And often I get a nice note when someone checks out the novel. Which is very nice. (I haven’t yet heard from anyone who’s finished reading the novel however.)

That’s all very cool because I don’t know if I would do the same for an unknown author. Though I have downloaded a couple of PDF novels by people I don’t know. Have I read them? Erm… Well, I certainly started.

The nice color artwork I included in the Barry’s Cherries PDF bumped the size of the file up considerably and I considered removing it or re-sizing it or something, but I would think that it makes the PDF stand out. The novels I’ve downloaded have had no artwork and weren’t immediately eye-catching.

For Barry, I didn’t get nearly as many promotional copies as I did for Being Good. (Just because of a special iUniverse offer when I did BG.) So I haven’t been able to send physical copies around to people. I will note this: of those physical copies sent to bloggers and/or mainstream media, the number of reviews or mentions of the book is zero. Where the book has been reviewed or discussed, it was from a free copy. Noted for future reference.

So, more later.