Surely there’s a Slayer lyric about an inferno or something I could use here…

Several months ago, I went to my parents’ house and picked up a bunch of my old comic books. I’ve been reading them off and on. I had a lot of comics at one time but I boxed up the collection and let my parents move it around so I don’t really know what I used to have. And I was never really a completist.

So anyway, I’d sorted out all the titles and was working my way through a huge stack of mutant related books (Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Terminators, The New Mutants, Fallen Angels, etc). This stack is sitting on my bedside table so I can just reach over and grab the next issue. I had been reading the X-Men issues leading up to a big crossover called Inferno. I got right to the pivotal issue. You know, Mr. Sinister tells Madelyne to call him “father.” Total cliffhanger, right?

I grabbed the next issue in the stack and I’m staring at New Mutants #30. Uh. What? Did my subscription to X-Men run out right as Inferno started and I never finished collecting the storyline? Apparently. Or they’re in another box in my parents’ attic. My money’s on the former possibility. Crap.