Around the time I saw Casino Royale, I was discussing with a friend how the film related to the original Ian Fleming novel and it reminded me that another friend had told me that Kingsley Amis (Martin’s father) had written a James Bond novel under a pen name. On Wikipedia, I read there was some controversy over the completion of Fleming’s final Bond novel, The Man With the Golden Gun. (When I read all the books, there was no Wikipedia for me to find these things out.) According to the article on TMWTGG, though Amis often received credit for completing the novel other sources have confirmed that Fleming himself finished it. From that article, I hopped over the the article on James Bond comics which were syndicated in British newspapers. They are just awesome.

The picture on the left is one that Fleming commissioned to show his impression of 007. The one on the right is the work of John McLusky who would illustrate the strip for the Daily Mail. You’ll note, of course, that neither drawing depicts a man with blonde hair.