I want to take U 2 my cage

jenny-atomicSo I keep meaning to tell you how I’ve been imagining Atomic Kitten doing a version of Morris Day & The Time’s “Jungle Love.” I think it would kick serious ass. I’ve probably only mentioned AK once before on my blog but they are easily my favorite girl group. Kerry or Jenny, I have no preference. Liz is my favorite Kitten.

Them doing “Jungle Love” isn’t that out of the question. They’ve done some great covers. Notably, Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies’ Night.” “The Tide is High” of course. Whatever. I eat it all up. Like Skittles. Delicious, non-scummy-mouth-after-taste Skittles.

Apparently the Kitten regrouped for a one-off performance two nights ago. And what was I doing? Seriously, what was I doing? Oh my God, it was so dull, I’ve forgotten.