The Hulk

I watched The Hulk last week and loved it. Not so much for the story or the Hulk himself — since he’s really just a green King Kong with some personal problems. But for the look of the film.

Ang Lee directed — he of crouching tigers, hidden dragons and cowboy-on-cowboy action — and he really developed the visuals. Scenes are often split up in “panels” — like comic books, but not in the dull many-people-on-the-phone way that tv and movies use — and the transitions between scenes are just as cool with panels fading into other panels and perspective shifting.

I suppose the whole “psychological drama” of the film — which was emphasized with Lee’s direction — does make the film more watchable. If this were just The Hulk going nuts it wouldn’t have been nearly as watchable. It’s just that, next to stretchy people, the Hulk is probably my least favorite “super-hero” so it’s hard to say I actually liked his story. So instead I’ll say that Jennifer Connelly is unbelievably beautiful.