The Kate’s out of the bag

So I was informed over the weekend by friends other than the ‘boy himself that Nemesisboy had “revealed” him/herself. Then I was told that my name made it into the NiT comments, not so much as a possible suspect but more like the presumed suspect of Nemesisboy’s alter ego.

A while ago, someone else suggested in the comments of NiT that I was also Trashley of Made of Trash. I’m flattered that anyone would think I have the time and imagination to write other blogs (in character no less), but alas, I don’t.

To the extent to which I’ve been complicit in taking the spotlight off my friends, I apologize. They do the work so they should get the kudos. I’ll just say thanks to Nemesisboy for entertaining me with your poetry and hilarious spelling. And to Trashley, I say keep on keepin’ on.