Worst. Band. Ever. Revisted.

I’ve been thinking about The Worst Band Ever recently because I’ve re-discovered a loathing of a group that may top any other loathing I have. And besides, I don’t really loathe The Doors, I just think they’re stupid. And maybe a bit of an easy target given the devotion of zany people.

So maybe to be the Worst Band Ever, the group really needs to feel the loathing. It needs to be a band I can’t tolerate at all. One whose members are competent at their instruments in a way that makes me feel like this could be any four guys at Guitar Center and a jackass singer. One whose songs disfigure entire genres that the players didn’t have any hand in creating. One whose songs are completely indistinguishable. One whose lyrics are beyond inane. One whose schtick is as gossamer as the scarves hanging from the singer’s microphone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I nominate: