I’m getting caught up on tons of blog-reading that I missed over the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Shawn Macomber‘s book on the Sissy Class War. He’s teasing us with a new piece on John Edwards:

“If someone in your community out in rural New Hampshire — or, in my case, rural North Carolina — wants to raise a barn, we don’t say, ‘We’ll watch you from the sidelines,'” John Edwards told the few hundred gathered at an elementary school in Portsmouth for his presidential campaign kick-off. “That’s not America. That’s not who we are.”

One can forgive Edwards for mistaking “America” for the “Amish.” After all, both begin with “Am” and both probably look confoundingly similar from Edwards’ perch atop his 100 acre Chapel Hill plantation, where I’m sure Edwards and his neighbors spent untold days tugging up the walls of his multi-million dollar mansion.

Shawn links to some old send-ups of Edwards. This one had me chuckling. This one and this one were also nice. Shawn likes taking pot-shots at dudes with nice hair. Ask him about Trump.