html cheatsheets

A friend of mine who is a professional blogger sent me 3 questions that I’m going to answer separately. Here’s the first:

Can you recommend any html cheatsheets/tutorials? My boss recommended Web Monkey…just wondering if there are others.

Webmonkey is excellent. I used it all the time when learning HTML and Wired has recently re-launched it.

But grabbing an HTML cheatsheet is a great idea too. Sometimes, when you’re blogging you just want to do something that your blog software doesn’t have built in. And if you’re not working in HTML every day, it’s difficult to remember all that code. It’s great to have a cheat sheet handy. Here’s a couple of summaries:

Tutorialblog did a huge round-up of cheat sheets. You’ll find some HTML ones on there.

Wired’s Compiler (now the Webmonkey blog) linked to Scott Klarr’s collection of cheat sheets. You’ll find HTML and XHTML near the bottom.

Another blog I read — — also highlights cheat sheets when they find them.