not bullshitting in a bullshitting world

I was in a meeting yesterday where my boss told a potential client our hourly rate and added the hyperbole, “we’ll wash your car for an hour if you want us to but it’ll be an expensive car wash.”

For the record, I won’t wash your car for an hour. At least not in the capacity of web designer. I know that was just salesmanship exaggeration and fun but I just don’t think I could ever even say that to a client. I’m good at my job. I’m better when my job is interesting to me.

Not to say that washing cars isn’t interesting. In fact, washing cars is much more interesting to me than adding site content via hard-coded HTML (rather than through a flexible CMS like a civilized person). But I don’t like the sales theory that the firm (or the designer) is simply for hire. I’ve taken too many dull gigs just for the payday and it’s never been worth it. It’s a waste of everyone’s time when the client is just hiring a valet and the designer doesn’t get to do what he’s good at.