SG booty

I meant to post this weeks ago. When I was at ComicCon I signed up for a special SuicideGirls membership deal. I’d previously bought a monthly membership. Once the monthly expired and I renewed with the sign-up code I’d received at the con, one of the SGs emailed me to say that for renewing, they’d like to send me a special gift. I’d all but forgotten about it when I got a package notice a couple of weeks ago. I’d expected stickers or a booklet. Maybe a t-shirt. Nothing as rad as what I received.

That’s a copy of the Italian Villa DVD, an awesome illustrated deck of cards, and their Anthology No. 2. Amazing. I was really excited for the cards. I’d actually bought the same deck at ComicCon and gotten some SGs to sign their cards. I was uneasy about actually playing with those. Now I’ve got a set for play and a set for display. I really love the art on the cards.