why google created chrome

Just found this post on why Google created Chrome [via end6‘s twitter].

I love this section (a Q&A with the author’s friend Dave):

“What Google does not want is Microsoft creating a browser that sucks. Actually, Google doesn’t mind if Microsoft’s browser sucks. What they really don’t want is Microsoft to make a browser that sucks and everyone ends up using it. And, if the IE8 beta shows us anything, making a really sucky web browser is Microsoft’s true ambition.

“Google’s main concern is quite simple: Browsers should render pages accurately, and the JavaScript engine in the browser should be fast, efficient, and bug free. On both counts, IE8 is an abomination. JScript just doesn’t behave very well and is buggy. And, IE’s page-rendering engine simply does not follow the standard. Because of this, Google has to keep development on their Google Applications quite generic and simply cannot implement the features they want. You’ll also notice that Microsoft recently has been putting on some very compelling web content that is only available if you use Windows and IE.”

I hate the exhortation to “read the rest” but I also don’t want to quote paragraph after paragraph of an article that honestly, I’ve only skimmed. But there’s some interesting other points the author makes regarding Google’s motives. So if you’re interested. Bounce over there.