And there isn’t a santa claus either

I was riding my bike home today — 5pm in the bike lane, busy traffic around me you know? Up ahead I could see these two kids waving signs and shouting on the curb. I couldn’t read the signs.

As I got closer one of them — 12? 14 maybe? — steps off the curb into the bike lane in my path. His sign — part of a brown cardboard box with text scribbled in ball point — read “Obama is a liar.”

“Liar!” he shouted as I approached. As I passed him I gave him the most sarcastic smirk I do and an ironic thumbs up. I think my meaning was clear: “whatever, dumbass.” He obviously got it because as I rode on I heard him mutter “asshole.”

I just didn’t think it was my place to say, “they’re ALL liars, kid. They’re politicians.” I’ll leave that to his parents.

I can tolerate the naïveté of youth, the cute belief that a politician from one of the two identical major parties will change things for the better. But I won’t stand for shrill children with bad penmanship. Upon them, one must sneer.