I was searching for the J. Geils Band’s “Come Back” video on YouTube and found this:

which I think is beautiful and a really interesting concept for a video/audio project. Turns out the creator of the video, gregbarrett9, has several videos like this showing his hacked jukebox simply playing records. It seems totally fun until you read this in his info:

Sorry but I can’t take any requests. Recently there have been copyright issues affecting other people who post records playing and I may find myself retricted to what I can upload in the future.

For Christ’s sake, this artful and free project isn’t hampering any artist’s ability to make money with his or her music and it is most likely exposing tons of new people to the music. (After all, had you heard J. Geils Band’s “Come Back” before playing that video?) It’s such a shame that creators like gregbarrett9 have to worry about this kind of issue.