the anti-endorsement?

At this point, politics is really meta-politics:

I’m probably going to vote for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) this year, and my reason is particularly indefensible. It’s a straightforward case of reverse racism…

And the candidate himself comes quite close to being a complete disaster. Obama has taken positions and even—with the slight peevishness of a man who knows he’s been singled out by destiny and doesn’t see much point in going through the usual channels—documented and supported them. To the extent we can piece together a portrait of the candidate, it’s awful. He’s a strident anti-trader and industrial-era dead-ender, persuaded that protecting decades-gone jobs in the Midwest is a national responsibility. He will try to enact some version of universal health care. On most issues where he’s not worse than Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)—foreign policy, wiretapping, finance—he’s just as bad. He may or may not be friendly with too many anti-American jackholes, but he’s definitely too friendly with jackholes in general. His budget projections are fanciful. Worst of all, for at least the next two years he will almost certainly have the support of the majority party in Congress.

And yet in a dream, in a Nixon-era fog of progressive uplift, I’m ready to vote for him. And I’m pretty sure my reasons for voting for Obama are no dumber than your reasons for voting for whomever you’re voting for.

Yeesh. I know I’m a huckleberry but I’m voting for the guy who best represents my principles.