the one place they don’t focus on the user

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get in touch with Google for any reason but it’s nigh impossible. Obviously, if they just had a cute two field “contact us!” form, they’d be inundated with crazy crap.

But still, as a web “master” I don’t want to search through twenty different help pages and forums and crap like that just to tell Google support that their CAPCHA image on has been broken for ages and despite their “no problem just enter the form” message, the AddURL function does not seem to be working. Interestingly, Google’s search engine knows the page isn’t working because a search for “google addurl not working” returns several Google Groups pages with users complaining about the same thing.

Contact forms are good user experience. After all, sometimes you just want to tell a company something, let them know something’s wrong, help them out. Forums and FAQs are generally bad user experience.