Wolverine MovieJust got home from seeing Wolverine. Get ready for spoilers.

Just a few things really:

I read something earlier about Wolverine being this year’s Iron Man. I know jack about movie trends but I really doubt this statement. For starters, Wolverine doesn’t move as briskly as Iron Man. The story isn’t as interesting. And the effects are downright laughable. Even Wolvie’s claws look chintzy. And what’s the deal with every scene in a car? It’s like a throwback to a time before CGI. Really, car scenes look more realistic in sitcoms.

But that’s nothing compared to the hack job on the scene where Professor X appears to rescue a group of mutant children. It’s some of the worst green-screening you’ve seen. They literally do that cheap effect where the children approaching the greenscreen background simply get smaller while the background stays the same. That’s not exactly what it looks like when people walk into the distance.

I really detested X-Men 3. And I’ve watched it since seeing it in the theater to see if it would grow on me. It didn’t. So I’m at a loss for how I feel about Wolverine. It isn’t as bad as Spider-Man 3. And maybe it isn’t so bad as X-Men 3 story-wise. But — and this pains me to say — X-Men 3 might be more artfully made than Wolverine. This was the director who was born to direct Wolverine? I’m unimpressed.