Comic-con day 1

Comic-con day 1 was largely a blur to me. But knowing what to expect after last year, I got my bearings much more quickly. Spent most of the afternoon in the exhibit hall gawking and making lists of things to check out later.

The only panel I attended Thursday was the spotlight on John K — creator of Ren and Stimpy. It was an awesome panel. John K pretty much just showed cartoons we wouldn’t have seen before. He also pitched an episode of George Liquor to us like he will do for a network next week.

I have seen a fair amount of John K’s stuff over the years and was a regular reader of his blog for a long time but I’m no superfan. Seeing a bunch of rare clips may have converted me. It was all hilarious.

Today, I’m going to try to hit several panels. I have a wish list of crap to buy but I’ll try to hold off so I’m not lugging that stuff around all day.