Comic-con day 2 wrap up

Well, today’s plans were pretty much up-ended. I queued up early (I thought) for a panel on 9. Barely moved in the line til it was obvious I’d miss 9 but I stayed in line because the next event in Hall H was one I wanted to see: Legion and District 9. I made it almost to the building over the next 90 minutes. But twenty minutes after the panel was to start, I wasn’t moving any more and it was clear everyone around me was waiting for the next panel. So I bailed.

That seems like a problem to me. I have never really heard anyone bitch about the waits but everyone talks about them. I don’t have any suggestion on the issue but I’m not thrilled with the current system.

So after that epic wait, I hit the exhibition hall again and collected a bunch of goodies which I then had to lug around all day. And as the iPhone battery is dying, I’ll close this wrap-up.