comic-con saturday night: mythbusters

So back to my weekend of geekery… Saturday night, I sat through the Vampire Diaries panel in order to see Mythbusters despite the fact that my favorite Mythbuster, Kari Byron obviously, was not going to be in attendance.

At Comic-Con they don’t clear the rooms between panels. They allow some time for people who want to leave to do so and then they start letting people in as they have available seating. And for the large part, the crowd stayed. So either there is a large crossover fanbase between Vampire Diaries and Mythbusters or, like me, most of the crowd just showed up early and obliged Vampires Diaries while waiting for the much cooler Mythbusters.

Adam, Jamie, Tory and Grant took the stage to screaming fans. It was as if we were at a rock show. They showed a fast-paced clip preview of the new season and then answered questions for the remainder of the hour.

And it was awesome.

Those guys have so much fun at their job and we have so much fun watching it that it was a great give and take between the audience and the four dudes on stage. I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I had briefly thought they might do some crazy experiment or something for us but even when I realized it was just going to be Q&A, I wasn’t disappointed. It was just a great conversation with some guys who do work that I like to watch.

That was a real highlight for me. It wasn’t a Hollywood bullshit session. It wasn’t the Vampire Diaries dorks talking about the audition process and the market for their show. It was 4 nerdy guys and their nerdy moderator talking to about 6000 nerds. And that was all it needed to be.