my big souvenir from comic-con: swine flu

Yes, that’s right. I woke up Sunday morning with a tremendous headache and as the day progressed, I started feeling congested in my head and developed a dry cough. Monday, I felt more flu-like and went to see my doctor. Once I mentioned I’d been at a convention, he got pretty serious and did a quick flu test. It came back positive for Influenza A so according to CDC protocol, he did another swab to send to the CDC. Because of my age and health (mid-30s and healthy), he said Tamiflu was not indicated for me. He explained that the CDC doesn’t want doctors to over-prescribe Tamiflu and create a Tamiflu-resistant strain of the flu. So he gave me a bunch of other medicine and sent me on my way.

Though I haven’t felt worse, I haven’t gotten any better. Today my doctor called to say it was indeed H1N1, the swine flu, and they prescribed Tamiflu. The biggest consequence is that I’m basically home-bound for 5 more days.

It’s not difficult to imagine that one or a few of the many thousands of people at Comic-Con might have swine flu. I ate food from the vendors there and conditions weren’t exactly sanitary. I also rode the train from San Diego back to Orange County on Friday night (the 8:30pm in case anyone is curious) which was over-crowded. So however it happened, I got the flu.

This is really just a PSA.