Vampire diaries

Hella crazy panel evening. Having learned my lesson from last year, I arrived two hours early for the Mythbusters panel. I got in!

In fact, I got in so damn early that I had to sit through Vampire Diaries. We pretty much watched the first episode and then the pretty people who star in it answered questions.

So Vampire Diaries is another soundtrack-driven high school drama. The plot (at least of the first few episodes) is pretty much by the numbers — our heroine’s parents were killed in a car accident during the last school year. As the new year begins, she meets a mysterious, dark new student. He’s a vampire who’s given up eating humans. Oh! But watch out: thirty minutes in, his brother appears — a vampire who hasn’t given up eating humans. It was all completely predictable. 90210 with fangs.

The panel spent a lot of time justifying why this isn’t just another Twilight or True Blood. I don’t really care. If people like vampires, why aren’t there 100 vampire shows? And no, I’m not their target audience by any means but I just don’t understand the device of “good” vampires. There aren’t any good vampires. They all eat people and suck blood. It’s gross. They’re all bad.

Also, shows like this really make me want to write about what life was actually like in high school. I’m sure things have changed but how would these writers know? They’re older than I am. And even if kids these days dress better, listen to cooler music, have more casual sex and drink more, there is no way they’re any less awkward. Shows like this just baffle me. No, we don’t want to watch TV shows with awkward teens but it’s annoying to me to watch them act in this odd pseudo-adult manner. It just seems like sick fantasy for someone.