catching up

I played a couple of open mics last week and thought I should at least make some notes about the songs.

Monday, at The Ugly Mug in Orange, I played:
“Zooey, it’s time to go”
“Please come home”
“Out the other”

The atmostphere was pretty subdued at the Mug. I don’t think they serve beer. That would be the main culprit. But the sound was excellent and I was blown away by a couple of performers.

Thursday, I played The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana. I’d played there on a Monday night ages ago and Thursday (with a different host) was definitely a different scene. Sign-ups allegedly start at 7.30. I was there at 7.35 and was told I’d go on at 11 — the end of the night. From 8 til 10, the house was packed and the crowd was loud. At 10.40, when I went on, it was largely empty.

I played:
“I gotta crush”
“Laura Prepon”

I hit all the notes and remembered the words. That’s all I wanted to do.