Comic-con: the loot

Here are the essentials of the loot I snagged at The Con.

p-1600-1200-50217c43-6f3d-4618-b451-198235c80b6eJim Balent and Holly G’s sketchbook, signed by them. As I mentioned last year, I was a huge fan of Balent’s run on Catwoman. I check in with Tarot every once in a while for the outrageous scenarios and I’ll probably buy a sketchbook from them at every Con I attend.

l-1600-1200-788b6b49-3c12-42ec-a424-51792ac9ecc2Two sketchbooks from Chris Sanders. I don’t know why I didn’t get last year’s sketchbook last year so I made up for it.

p-1600-1200-03a626fd-c631-43bb-9b31-16b8f0a0856cAdam Hughes‘s sketchbook. I loved all his covers for Catwoman.

l-1600-1200-d0901fa4-b258-46ab-ab2a-dd9dcc940ed6I read Robert Ullman’s blog. I picked up his new book, Atom-Bomb Bikini, but he wasn’t at the booth to sign it when I dropped by. And I couldn’t find it again. The print on the right was thrown in with the book and I bought two of his Teeny Bikini mini-sketchbooks to round my purchase out to an even $20. The Atom-Bomb Bikini book is really well done.

p-1600-1200-68bb423c-1e6b-4984-b470-b6b2e1b8a34bThe Heavy Metal dudes were handing these out for free.

p-1600-1200-2988775f-4a9a-40e7-9567-a7fcd53ea876I picked up this debut issue of Fearless Dawn for the simple reason that it’s a reflex of mine to purchase when I see a girl in a bikini surrounded by monsters. I heard about the book from a postcard-sized flyer they were handing out at the Con. I almost bought the TPB, The Bomb, but somehow decided not to take that home with me. I can always order it if I like the ish.

l-1600-1200-7d5bfab9-3b09-43f9-a45e-d46b812c8ebbFinally, what would Con be without toys? I grabbed a King Ken from StrangeCo and a blind box from Kidrobot’s Pure Trance series. I also got a Hellboy key chain but he didn’t show up for the photo shoot.