Willie Nelson in the desert

I saw Willie Nelson last week. He was playing on the Bob Dylan Show tour of minor league baseball stadiums.

We drove out to Lake Elsinore for the show. It was 76 on the beach and 99 at the lake.

We got to the stadium right around show time at 5.30pm, we bought t-shirts and beers and just as we hit the grass and dropped a blanket, Willie appeared. I squeezed into a good spot in the crowd and loved ever second of it.

Willie is one of my musical heroes. That guy is brilliant. I love his guitar playing. I love his singing. I love his songs. And he’s so relaxed about it all. He opened with “Whiskey River” and just tore through song after song. “Good Hearted Woman” for Waylon. “On the Road Again,” “Beer for my Horses,” and a personal favorite of mine “Still is Still Moving to Me.” He asked if we liked Hank Williams and played a trio of Sr.’s songs.

Through the whole set Willie switched out his hat with those thrown on the stage. And he just ripped on Trigger the whole time. What a great show. What a great man.