Last week at Liquid Lounge

My friend Allen invited me to play a show he and his band, Short Term Melody, do every month at Liquid Lounge in Long Beach. The highlight of my night was Allen asking, “Does anyone know Superdrag?” before his band broke into “Lighting the Way.” That was random.

I didn’t write down a regular set list just a bunch of songs I wanted to play. Boris made an audio recording and I’ve got video so I can go back and check on that set list but it’s been over a week and I keep forgetting to write this post so I just wanted to make some notes.

I played and updated recordings for Complain (an old Carter song), Women Round Me, News 4 U, Maureen, Solitary Man, and Out The Other.

I played a bunch of songs and afterwards realized I should have played even more. Next time, no banter, just song after song.