This Week at La Cave

I played the Local Music Showcase Tuesday night at La Cave. I’ve been playing there for the past month and it’s usually the same scene: the crowd fluctuates a little but it’s the same general character. Tuesday was different.

When I walked in at 9pm-ish, the back room was packed. There was a party of like 12 seated along the wall and another whole wall of people and the tables in the middle filled and people standing at the bar. It was loud already. I discovered that the party of 12 was a birthday party and they were all, you know, grown-ups. And pretty much everyone else was there to see one couple perform. Lovely people all, I’m sure. But maybe it wasn’t the right time to bust out songs about strippers and showering with other people’s girlfriends. There was also a child there. Whoops.

There was a little confusion on the line-up so I just volunteered to open the show. I was in that kind of mood, I guess. I felt like I played rough. I played three songs I hadn’t played publicly before. And I only learned the Lemonheads song last week. My apologies but I wanted to keep it fresh. Anyway, you can tell me what you think.

My set: I Just Took a Shower with Your Girl, Maureen, Outdoor Type (by the Lemonheads).

the Hit On List live at La Cave from the Hit On List on Vimeo.