Name the EP

So here’s the thing, I still need a name for the EP. Give me one in the comments here. Should I turn this into a contest where the winner gets something?

You probably need to know a bit about the EP you’re naming.

Thematically, it’s about geeky things. The first song is about geeky girls. It’s called “I Don’t Make Passes at Girls who Don’t Wear Glasses.” You see where I’m going with that one, right?

Then, in no particular order, the songs (and their geeky subjects) are:
Please Come Home (a sci-fi tale of working on the moon)
Frankly, Mr Turner (goths listening to indie rock)
Selina, I’m a Wreck (Catwoman and cosplayers)
Maureen (a go-go dancer with an unsexy name)

Give me your suggestions.