p_800_600_8D27DBC2-8B32-4F08-B4EA-B4401E7B6B79-e1272398927616I was in my car without my iPod this morning and had to dig through the cassette tape selection for music. I grabbed a truly awesome mix tape that may be about 12 years old. It’s labeled “ska/beats” and it’s so old and funked up that it warbles when I play it and speeds up and slows down randomly. It also sounds like it’s playing underwater.

I’ll tell you right now the “ska” side probably got a lot more wear. That’s another reason for the warped tape sounds.

I really need to find all these tracks so I can recreate this epic playlist digitally. For posterity, here’s the track listing.

Side A – ska:
scofflaws – whip
slackers – ray gun sally
checkered cabs – honor your father
the press – friday 5pm
skankin pickle – onyonghasayo
skankin pickle – rotten banana legs
skankin pickle – take a look
toasters – 2 tone army
toasters – talk is cheap
specials – nite klub
specials – little bitch
specials – gangsters
skankin pickle – as close as you think
skankin pickle – watch your tone
toasters – i wasn’t going to call you anyway
scofflaws – rudy’s back
specials – do the dog

Side B – beats:
squarepusher – a journey to reedham
lo-fi allstars – many tentacles pumping
squarepusher – vic acid
reprazent – railing
squarepusher – 1
daft punk – burnin’
reprazent – brown paper bag
dj shadow – organ donor
daft punk – revolution 909