Do you wanna touch?

So I saw this video of a group performing Beyonce’s Sweet Dream on iPhones and iPad…

My first impression is that this is some kind of commercial. Why all the app prices?

Secondly, I love the girl’s voice. And I’m totally impressed with the sound of the recording.

But thirdly, how lame. I mean, how not-fun it is reducing the performance of music to pressing buttons on computers. You know why you should play guitar or drums or piano? Cause it’s ridiculously fun. Banging on instruments is cool. I prefer my acoustic guitar for a lot of reasons but one of them is that I get to bang the hell out of it. I don’t rely on anything else to create volume. It’s just me. The way the notes resonate in the wood body that’s pressed up against my body… that’s why we play music. It’s physical.

I love electronic music but it is just not as fun as acoustic music. I don’t discount it as not musical or anything like that. But it isn’t experiential like playing an instrument is.

And on the other end of the spectrum (while I’m ranting), I see acoustic singer-songwriters who could use the same reminder: make it physical. Delicately strumming a guitar only has meaning when it’s heard in contrast to banging on it. You’re not holding a computer. So really touch it. Maybe stand up. Tap your feet. It’s your whole body making that noise, you know.