Last Night at Cobantigua

Finishing out three days of open mics, I went to Cobantigua Coffee last night for the open mic they debuted in May and then cleverly shut down for two months lest anyone attend.

Needless to say, a last-minute booking of the open mic didn’t draw a lot of performers.  I think there were four of us.  Luckily, the duo who played brought enough of a crowd that the small coffee shop felt comfortable.  Since there were so few performers, we each did 20-30 minutes.  Boris ran the sound and it was phenomenal. 

Apparently, I did 9 songs in less than half an hour.  That seems about right.  Two of them — both covers — I’m not uploading.  One you’ve seen and the other I didn’t pull off as well as I’d like to.  Other than that, minus some chit-chat, here’s my whole set — wrong chords and all:

My Set: Lazy Man, We’re With You, She’s a Morning Person, I’ve Just Destroyed the World I’m Living In, Ewa, You Got Lucky, The One I Loved, Selina, Babs