The Baby Taylor

I bought a baby Taylor a few weeks ago. I found it used at Guitar Center which was odd enough. It was in good shape but it needed some adjustment. Hoping for a quick fix, I gave it to the tech at Guitar Center. He didn’t have the right tool to adjust the neck so he wasn’t able to do much. So I took it to the Guitar Doctor.

Doc played it, looked it over, told me exactly what was wrong. I decided it was worth the cost of a full setup. It was ready a day later and it played like a new guitar. He’d fixed the neck and the frets and just improved the overall play and sound of the instrument immensely. I can’t stop playing that guitar now.

I’ve been going to Doc for all my guitar setups and adjustments. He put the electronics in my main guitar. I love the vibe of his shop. He’s a guy that you can immediately tell knows what he’s talking about. And I trust him with my instruments because of it. Nothing against the guy at Guitar Center who is probably a fine technician but he didn’t diagnose the problems like Doc did. And he wasn’t going to give me the advice that Doc does. Doc is worth every penny and more.

So now that this post on my new awesome baby Taylor guitar has turned into a big, wet one for Doc, I guess I should punch out. Go see Doc.