Last Night At Winston’s

I played Winston’s in Ocean Beach, San Diego last night. It went like this:

the Hit On List Live at Winston’s from the Hit On List on Vimeo.

I set the show up with Cathryn Beeks who runs the awesome Listen Local. It was a cool experience. Great stage. Great sound. Nice venue. But no built-in crowd. At least, not last night. I owe my friends who showed up and brought others. And Eddie Lenhart (who closed the show) brought several people out. They made it fun to play.

Set list: News 4 U, Out the Other, Stay Together for the Dog, Angie, Frankly Mr Turner, Maureen, I Don’t Make Passes At Girls Who Don’t Wear Glasses, Ewa, Flat Wendy, Selina I’m a Wreck, Lazy Man, Hollyday, We’re With You

13 songs in 35 minutes! What a bargain! But yes, I wish I’d cut at least one. It felt slightly awkward to be up there for that amount of time. But I blazed through half my set list in what seemed like 5 minutes. So I added a few alternates in there. Let me know how the length suits you. (TWSS.) And feel free to guess at what was on the set list and what was mixed in as an alternate.