Last Thursday at Viento y Agua

I played a set at Viento y Agua last Thursday. Here’s how it went:

For a little variety, you can check out Boris’s video of the show. He had a different angle and ran sound direct from the board.

Set: Selina, Ewa, Frankly, Zooey, It Gets Better, Tipsy Girl, Becky, All or Nothin, Please Come Home, Flat Wendy, We’re With You, Worst Taste

I’ll spare you the math. That’s 12 songs. In 33 minutes. I actually went into the show thinking I just need ten. So there were only ten on my set list. I pulled at least one and rotated in a few alternates. I knew I was running fast. Part of me thinks any more than 10 is just too many for an audience to process. But another part of me thinks, well, maybe they won’t remember each song but they might remember that dude who played a bunch of catchy tunes. I’d be happy to hear your opinion on the issue.

It was a funny show because I got rattled early on and that stuck with me all night. I wasn’t nervous before the show and I wasn’t really nervous during it, just knocked off balance a little bit. So my perception of the evening was that I didn’t play that well or that I appeared nervous. But when I watched the video, I realized that I didn’t play badly.

So I take several things away from that:

1) Practice. I know that the reason I play consistently even when rattled is because I’ve been practicing like crazy and playing out as much as possible.
2) Recording yourself live is an awesome idea because you don’t spend days or weeks replaying your perception of the show in your head and worrying over it. Especially if you’re a solo act and there’s no one to say, dude, the show was good.
3) Next time I feel rattled, remember this experience of feeling rattled and watching a video that showed you played well and forget being rattled.