Tuesday night at Detroit Bar

I played Detroit Bar‘s Live and Local show on Tuesday night with Reed McMillan and the Ellery, Rising Water and Aloha Radio. It went like this:

I played a couple of songs that I haven’t cataloged here before. One is very new and one is very old. Or kinda old. Masuimi and You Have The Worst Taste In Men.

My set: Out the Other, Ilsa, Masuimi, Becky, Ewa, Maureen, You Have the Worst Taste in Men, Hollyday, Selina

PS — I’ve had some trouble playing that video on Vimeo. If you have trouble to, click through to the Vimeo page and switch to the HTML5 video player which seems to work fine. Let me know if it just flat-out doesn’t work for you. I can re-upload it.