The Last Couple Months in Comics

Once again, I don’t know where to start. I’ve picked up a few more since I originally uploaded this batch. I’m continuing to read the Batman saga but honestly, I’m a little burned out. Batman’s “return” was marked with a butt load of one-shots and special issues. I tried to pick up only the ones I thought I’d care about but ended up grabbing a couple of issues I wasn’t that into. (Commissioner Gordon, I’m looking at you.)

I continue to love the new Batgirl and I’m going to watch that play out for a while longer. I also continue to love Power Girl since the new artist has made her look a whole lot cooler. Oh and teaming up Supergirl with that total brat of a Robin was kinda fun. Also Birds of Prey is still keeping me interested. The story’s slipping a bit but the cover art is amazing.

A couple of huge disappointments were the two Batman/Catwoman team-ups.

batman-catwoman-nocentiThe Batman / Catwoman 100 Page Spectacular had some great art but was completely ruined by an artless story by Ann Nocenti. Usually, I can forgive a bad story if the art is good but this was unredeemable. I didn’t even finish it.

batman-catwoman-follow-the-moneyAnd the Batman / Catwoman Follow the Money issue was horrible as well. The art sucked and looked like it was completely rendered on a computer. Characters didn’t even look attached to the backgrounds they were in. And the story was boring as well. Having Batman and Catwoman recount an exciting adventure isn’t anywhere near as cool as just watching them have the adventure. Isn’t that rule one for a comic writer?