The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

“The Perfect is the enemy of the Good” is a creative motto of mine. (Thanks, Voltaire.) I don’t wrestle with perfectionism really but I know I can get caught up in details that ultimately don’t matter. It’s why I prefer recording on a simple 4-track or limiting myself to my acoustic guitars. Give me more options and I’ll keep adding them in there trying to make something “better.”

I was thinking about this last week when I made the Tears for Christmas video. I had a great opportunity to put the motto into practice. My only experience with iMovie was in cutting and clipping videos. I had no experience editing or using a music backing track or removing audio or anything like that. I got a five minute lesson in iMovie from my friend Bryan and set to work to make the video from the camera footage I’d collected during the recording session.

I had laid out a bunch of clips and was mostly just dropping them into an order I liked, not necessarily one that synced to the music. Once I learned how easy it was to sync up the video with the audio, I felt the temptation to go back and re-do everything. And I stopped myself and thought, that’s hours more work on a video that isn’t going to look professional no matter what I do.

So instead, I got the clips sorted in a way that made me happy and decided it was a lesson learned for the next time I make a music video in iMovie.