Wednesday night in San Diego

the-hit-on-list-the-stage-21A newly constituted two-person version of the Hit On List played The Stage in San Diego on Wednesday night. My friend Emelyne joined me for the whole set singing on most of the songs and handling tambourine duties on the others.

We brought our own audience member and hype-woman, Rosie, who worked the crowd and handed out CDs to everyone there. San Diegoan David Dewese showed up to support as well.

Emelyne and I had a great time on the stage at The Stage. It’s a cool room with a fun bartender and great sound.

But the real fun was the post-show. Highlights:
* ejected from rooftop bar
* fall from pedicab
* saxophone solo on Foo Fighters’ song
* Emelyne’s freestyle rap battle with San Diegan rapper Praduct on the street
* lit cigarette in purse
* Emelyne’s washboard solo onstage with zydeco band
* disco pedicab ride
* argument with parking attendant

Make sure to join us at Sol Grill next week for another duo performance.

[photos by David Dewese]