Last Thursday night at Viento y Agua

I played Viento y Agua last Thursday. Here’s how it went:

The last time I played Viento, I got a little spooked by a couple of little things — one of them being the utter pin-drop silence after I’d end a song. I was prepared for that this time so it didn’t faze me. But man, that silence. It’s so weird.

I opened for LA duo Nellie Bly. I liked them a lot. They are Missy (vocals) and Mike (acoustic guitar, effects, b-vox). What Mike gets out of his guitar is really great. He runs it through an old Boss pedal board and a loop box and into an amp. Mostly he switches “voices” on the pedal board for different parts of songs. But he does it all so tastefully and minimally that it’s very impressive. Too many acoustic players lean on their effects hard and it defeats the purpose of playing an acoustic.

Check out Boris’s video from the show. He runs sound directly from the board which tends to take the meat out of the guitar. But it clears up the vocals a lot.

Set list: Out the Other, Becky, Flat Wendy, Angie, Selina, High School, We Used to Hang, Worst Taste in Men, I Fall Hard, We’re With You