Music Video Makin

So a few months ago, I emailed my friend Eric Koda who did the artwork for IRL and asked if he’d be interested in making a music video for Selina, I’m a Wreck (Eric’s a filmmaker as well as comic book artist). Eric had made a short video from Comic Con 2010 and I was picturing something really similar, if not, in fact, just the same video with my song underneath it.

Eric replied, “my production team is interested in this project.” So naturally, I was like “production team?”

Turns out Eric is a part of a small film production team who work on each other”s films and they were on the lookout for a portfolio piece. The story of the “catwoman who got away” piqued their interested. They had a video idea right away.

We met tonight for the second time to discuss the shoot and creating a Kickstarter fund for it. I’ll have more details this week about the Kickstarter fund. We shoot the video in two weeks.

Here’s why you’re going to want to contribute: me + Batman costume + motor scooter.