Tuesday night at Alta Coffee

I played John Carillo‘s Songwriters Circle at Alta Coffee this week. It went like this:

Alta is a cool place. They have wonderful Arnold Palmers. I get uncomfortable playing certain coffee shops cause I don’t think I’m “coffee shop music” but I think I fit well in the Alta vibe. Though as I watched the other performers Tuesday, I thought, “man, I am out of my element.” But while I was playing, I felt all right and I noticed people paying attention (always a good sign).

I played the new song “I Fall Hard” for the second time. I wrote the song on New Year’s Eve. I’ve gotten a really good response both times I’ve played it. I’ll have more info on it on the site soon but for now, you can get a taste from the video below.

Oh, I also played “We Used to Hang” for the second time. I quietly debuted it at Sol Grill last month where to say it got a muted reception would be a massive overstatement.

Let me know how everything sounds. I should also thank Michelle for being the fanbase on Tuesday. Thanks!

Set List: Becky, Selina, Philadelphia, High School, Used to Hang, I Fall Hard