Tuesday night at Gypsy Den

Tuesday night I played the SoCal Music Live Competition at the Gypsy Den. Here’s how it went:

Bob Leggett of SoCal Music Live puts the whole thing together. The competition runs through March. This year’s charity is Sweet Relief. I didn’t think it was really a “competition,” just a way to put shows together and raise money. But it turns out it is a competition with judges and finals and all that.

set-list-gypsy-denI wasn’t sure how the evening would run so I’d rehearsed about 10 songs. Bob limits performers to 5 songs with a maximum of 25 minutes. That was perfect. Not too long and not too short. So I quickly scribbled a setlist out.

It’s funny: when I was up on stage, I felt like I was bantering pretty well and possibly plugging my website too much. When I watched the video, I realized I wasn’t being so clear or even really self-promotey. So I’ll work on that.

I’m very grateful to Michelle for being the fanbase and bringing along a couple of friends. It was a fun night and the other performers — Jeremy Snyder, Brianna Harley and Stop Motion Poetry — were great.