5 Ugly Truths about the Music Business

My friend Brad of BigHowdy posts 5 Ugly Truths about the Music Business:

1. Networking is just another name for using people. And it’s a shitty way to live your life. Success in this business (or any other) isn’t just about who you know. You have to actually do something and offer something of value or no one is going to do anything for you. It’s true and it’s a good thing.

Yup. It is shitty. But it still seems like it’s the networkers who get somewhere.

2. This business is full of icky old guys who have made a lot of money and will promise you the world just so they can hang out with a hot young woman (or worse). If you do it thinking you’re getting something for nothing, that makes you just as icky as them. Oh, it also makes you stupid.

Yuck. But from what I’ve seen, totally true. If you’re a female musician you are about 100 times more likely to have smoke blown up your ass by a “producer” who wants to get you in his “studio.”

3. Making something isn’t just an afterthought. It’s the point. Whether it’s a song or a show or a video or a business venture. The greatest idea in the world is just an idea. It’s worth nothing until you put it into action. Concentrate on less promises and more production.

I love this statement: “The greatest idea in the world is just an idea.” I have a variation on it that I use: “Do or do not. There is no ‘planning to.'” (With apologies to Yoda.)

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