Last night at the House of Blues

dewese-house-of-bluesI played the Local Brews, Local Grooves night at House of Blues in San Diego last night. David Dewese opened the show and honestly brought about 20 people out to see him. I brought 1. Thank you, Martin.

I played a bunch of new songs from the 2 Days album. I played Selina which I thought got a good response and Frankly which got a great response. It’s good to hear that from those “old” songs. Maybe it takes a year for songs to mature and get people’s attention.

When I finished and packed up, I stood over on the side of the room to watch the next band. I heard a guy at the table behind me say to one of him companions, “What did you think of that last singer?” I thought it might be someone I knew teasing me but as I turned around, he answered his own question: “He was a little flat, I thought.”

I think this is what I played: Apostrophe, I Gave Up, Lazy Man, Fall Hard, Frankly, Becky, High School and Selina.