Last night in the home studio

Allen came over to my apartment last night with his mobile studio in tow. We spent about an hour and a half working on a guitar line for the bridge of I Fall Hard. I had one that I’d been playing that closely followed the vocal melody but when I heard it recorded, I realized it distracted from the lyrics.

So we woodshedded which I’m not entirely comfortable doing in the presence of 1) a superior guitar solo-er and 2) a recording device. But — similar to the learning experience with the drums — I knew this recording of this song was in many ways an exercise in doing things differently. So I knew if we worked a little while and continually thought about reducing the number of notes I was playing, we could find something. And we did get something we’re both happy with.

After that, I added a tambourine and some shakers and we called it finished. Now Allen has all the heavy lifting of mixing.