The Worst Gig

I can’t wait to dig into this website, The Worst Gig. It’s a collection of musicians telling the stories of their worst gig. A sample from Flaming Lips:

We were playing at Red Rocks, the big prestigious venue in Denver, to a sold-out crowd of about 10,000 people. We were working our smoke machine backstage, and it kept triggering a fuse blowing the electricity. We’re there all day fucking with our gear and all that, so I went to one of the technicians at the place and said, ‘We’re blowing a fuse here. I’m worried about that when we go onstage we’re going to blow the electricity.’ He laughed and said, ‘Look, dude, we had Slayer play here. Give me a fucking break.’ So I put it to the back of my mind. That having been said, we go onstage, the smoke machine goes, and the fucking whole place blows. We stand in the dark apologizing best we can because there’s no microphones working.